Elite Series

Producing world-class Mercury propellers is no simple task

Producing a world-renowned Mercury Marine prop takes time and skill, not to mention advanced engineering and know-how. Three dozen Mercury employees create some of the best props in the world.

ES-Bravo Three Diesel
ES-Bravo Two - Stainless
ES-Mirage Plus
ES-Trophy Sport

Bravo Three Diesel

Powerful performance for heavier diesel-powered boats.

Bravo Two - Stainless

Excellent mid- to top-level performance. Stainless-steel durability.

Mirage Plus

Great acceleration, unmatched drive. Highly recommended by offshore boat companies.

Trophy Sport

Quick holeshot and precise handling when you're going for the gold.

ES-Bravo Three
ES-Trophy Plus
ES-SpitFire X7


A favorite of freshwater fishermen. A powerful fit for your deep-V boat.

Bravo Three

Innovative duo for amazing acceleration, fuel economy, and handling.

Trophy Plus

Four-blade design for great lift, high drive heights, and easy handling throughout.

SpitFire X7

The impossible just became reality. The new SpitFire X7 is the first propeller for 75-115hp outboard-powered boats manufactured with Mercury Marine's proprietary X7 Alloy.

ES-Tempest Plus

Tempest Plus

Enhance performance and acceleration for bass and tournament boats.


Aggressively advance for faster acceleration and turning.

Sport Series

Built with pride in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Trusted everywhere.

How do you make a Mercury® propeller? One exacting step at a time. It starts with a prop mold. Cast in specially engineered hot wax using a 5,000-year-old technique.

SS-Black Max
SS-Laser II

Black Max

Top choice of boat builders. Worldwide best seller.

Laser II

Quick lift and acceleration for your bass or deep-V boat.


Strengthening bow lift on single- or twin-outboards for excellent acceleration.


Stainless steel with powerful drive and consistent performance.

SS-Bravo Two - Aluminum
SS-Alpha 4

Bravo Two - Aluminum

Maximum thrust, for maximum performance.

Alpha 4

Get on plane easy and fast with a propeller that drives performance.